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The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey - Walter Mosley Loved this. I could have spent a lot more time with Ptolemy Grey. He's one of my favorite characters - fully realized, flawed and perfect at the same time, everyman. The plot is mostly right, just a stretch here and there that challenges believability, but the characters and interactions more than compensate for any weakness.The setting is almost completely unmentioned. Other than an obviously urban environment, you wouldn't know New York, Chicago, L.A. until you're well into the novel, once a few other nearby cities are mentioned. Even then, Mosley only describes interior spaces, like Ptolemy's apartment, and only when it is necessary. This seems to be a strength of the novel - makes it a bit more accessible, more about the people than a bit of exotica (if you can call L.A. that.) So, this was my first Walter Mosley novel. What else of his should I read?