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The Boy Detective Fails (Punk Planet Books)

The Boy Detective Fails - Joe Meno Five stars for a pretty dexterous feat of managing the incongruous tones of the book. It's comically absurd, mostly, but deals with lost, sad, and damaged characters. It isn't far from where you might imagine the heroes from those childhood mysteries landing in adulthood. Meno has predicted a dark path, maybe, but doesn't seem to revel or mock as the boy-turned-adult detective struggles to find his way.I have read reviews that call this parody, but that seems misplaced to me. While Meno is having fun with the format there's no real judgment in it; he seems really to be curious how the genre might scale.I was reading this as an e-book and do wonder if I got out of it everything Meno intended. He plays with text graphically and refers to material on the dust jacket that can aid with hidden codes. I enjoyed it without these extras but maybe there's more to it in its analog format.