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Molloy - Samuel Beckett, Patrick Bowles I'm very glad to have gotten in touch with this book again. I last met it 20-odd years ago after I'd performed in Beckett's Waiting for Godot in college. I had to immerse myself in the rest of his writings for a period of months.Despite that, I could recall no details of Molloy. The 20-year-old version of myself didn't get it, I think. Not that I entirely do today, but it has some heft to it now.The book is divided into two sections. First, Molloy rambling, lost intellectually, emotionally, and geographically. It's all wandering, searching vaguely. Part two is Moran, rambling with decreasing purpose and intent throughout. He's slowly breaking down into the same lost and broken man as Molloy as he follows the title character through an unnamed landscape.Fascinating and incredibly complex - part one consists of only two paragraphs; the second of which covers 80 pages. It's transporting to be stuck in the minds of both of these characters. Also, it's another big idea book. The mind strays from the text even when the eyes don't, pondering distractedly with inspiration, not boredom.Loved it.