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The Sword in the Stone (Collins Modern Classics)

The Sword in the Stone - T.H. White I read these as a single volume, The Once and Future King, but had to break them up into their original publications to rate them. I found the quality across the five books to be too variable to just slap a three or four stars on the whole.That said, I don't feel like writing a review of each. As a collection, they go something like "good, really good, really good, really good, meh".White is capable of writing very beautiful scenes, very funny scenarios, very moving romances, and very thought-provoking chapters. He tweaks (considerably) the traditional tale to make it (more and differently) relevant to the age (circa WWII) and poses some philosophical questions that would likely drive a chatty teenager into several minutes of quiet contemplation. In fact, I wish I'd read this 25 years ago when I could have fixated more on the questions posed than the crummy answers provided by White in the final entry.I am not overly familiar with Arthurian legend. Should I read Malory next?