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Vacation - Deb Olin Unferth Unferth is an excellent writer - after only two ventures into her works, I'd rank her among my favorites. Vacation has beautiful sentences, paragraphs, and movement. The mere snippets of characterization and action, touching base before flitting to the next, give the book momentum. She has mastered metaphor and is, perhaps, the least likely of any author to rely on clich??.The writing, I think, is better than the story. The human condition revealed is a bit altered from what I believe likely to exist. I know that is what is expected in literature, to a degree, but I wasn't made to believe in or understand the various motivations of several of the characters. So I'd say she just missed with me, despite her great talent.Looking forward to immersing myself in more of Unferth's writing - looking forward to her memoir sometime this Summer.